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Windom Allergy, Asthma, Sinus

Who’s on fire at Florida Allergy?


The Florida Allergy Asthma and immunology Society held their annual meeting in Orlando on July 16-18, 2021 ( . Dr. Jean Ly of Windom Allergy presented a poster on her groundbreaking work with oral immunotherapy (OIT) in food allergic children under the age of five. She compared the outcome of children going through peanut OIT to those doing multi-food OIT (e.g. peanut, cashew and walnut). Both groups did equally well in this desensitization process that allows patients to tolerate a food they were previously highly allergic to.

In addition to this educational presentation to fellow Allergist/Immunologists from across the state, Dr. Ly was elected Treasurer of the Society.  In this position she is on track to progress to President-Elect next year and President in 2023. How’s that for a productive weekend?  Congratulations Dr. Ly.

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