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But I’m allergic to more than one food, can I do them together?

Sure, we do Multi-food OIT with up to 4 foods.  If you have been told you are allergic to more than 4 foods, you may wish to seek a 2nd opinion.  Simply having a positive skin or blood test does not mean you are allergic.

When it comes to tree nuts, rarely will you need more than cashew and walnut.  These two ‘dominant nuts’ share allergenic proteins with other nuts.  That means, once you are tolerating cashew and walnut, you will be protected against pistachio, pecan, hazelnut, and less common nuts.  This is important because instead of having to eat a handful of 5-6 different nuts, you’ll only be eating 2-3 cashews and 1-2 walnuts.

How often and for how long will I be eating my maintenance dose?

Great question – we truly don’t know.  Right now we are asking patients to eat their top dose of food 5-6 days a week.  Each year we will reassess your allergic status by blood and skin tests.  As the testing improves, we will reduce the frequency of dosing to 2-3 days a week.

Can I eventually stop OIT?

In research studies, the food was totally stopped after a year or more and then the patients challenged to the food, checking for what has been termed, sustained unresponsiveness. About 10%/year would pass, so in 5 years ~50% of people are thought to no longer be allergic.

In practice, most patients don’t want to stop and risk a positive challenge and restarting OIT, so they just continue on with dosing a few days a week.  With egg and milk, that may involve just normal intake of these foods in your regular diet.

Oral food challenges – when are they necessary?

Food challenges are sometimes the only way to know for sure if you are allergic to a food.  Most cases are clear cut: the ‘real deal’ of reacting to a food and  having strongly positive allergy tests, or ‘no way’ with no past reaction to the food and weakly positive testing.  It is those questionable cases in the middle that can only be solved by doing a careful and safe food challenge.

Some clinics do too many challenges, wasting your time and money on foods that could be introduced at home; while other don’t do enough, leading you to avoid foods or go on OIT to foods you aren’t truly allergic to.

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