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Thinking about coming to see us for food allergy treatment?

If you are unsure about the long travel, how about setting up a virtual new patient consultation (telemedicine, it is covered by insurance) to see if we are a good fit for you and your family? You will meet your doctor, talk about your case, review old records and we can order updated testing so you can make an informed decision on starting food allergy treatment at Windom Allergy. The Sarasota Protocol and sublingual immunotherpay (SLIT) have attractive features that will make coming to see us from out of our area much easier. Read more about these protocols here.

Florida Patients

We see patients from across the state of Florida. To ease the burden of traveling here on a rigid schedule, we will work individually with you to fit your lifestyle. Besides the one ‘long day’, where you’ll likely come to town the night before and be with us from 8:00 am to noon, updose visits only take an hour so you can be in and out in the same day.

We can also adjust the interval between visits to accommodate your travel. As long as you stay on the last dose administered in the office, you can go weeks to even months before returning to Sarasota. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Out of State Patients

We welcome patients from all over the United States to visit the beautiful beaches of Sarasota while overcoming their food allergies at Windom Allergy. OIT treatment courses vary from a single visit to seven monthly updose visits.  If you choose the latter course, our Sarasota protocol, most patients visit us for 2-3 visits, then have their local allergist finish off the course following our simple directions.

International Patients

We have enjoyed the opportunity of meeting patients from all over the world as they visit us here in Sarasota for world class treatment of their food allergies.

Food SLIT can be completed in a 3 week stay in our area.  We’ll see you in the office once a week, the rest of the time you are free to explore Sarasota and its nearby treasures. Unless you're looking for an excuse to visit the US, remote SLIT is the most popular option for most international patients.  After a virtual new patient visit, we send you a complete package of food bottles, syringes and dose schedule.  You'll do your 1st dose with us virtually, then build up slowly from home.  You can call or write at any time with questions. 

You will have to come to Sarasota if you want to do OIT.  A minimum of 6 weeks is necessary to make significant progress in a modified traditional OIT protocol.  Personalized (P-OIT) can be accomplished in over a 1 week stay in Sarasota.

We have been treating food allergy patients throughout Florida and beyond since 2012