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Remembering 9/11 & The New Health Law

It’s been eighteen years since the tragic day our nation was attacked and the World Trade Center fell. We will always remember that day, where we were, who we were with, and the fear we felt for our country.But amongst the chaos and dust of the towers, our first responders were undeniably heroes. Unfortunately, this World Trade Center dust also caused chronic breathing issues that still affects many survivors and first responders today. Thankfully in July 2019 a law was passed to ensure full funding for the 9/11 victims compensation fund. If you would like to learn more, please visit
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Sticker Shock Buying Asthma Inhalers

Sticker Shock Buying Asthma Inhalers
If you’ve experienced that jaw-dropping moment at the pharmacy, we may be able to help.  We are doing clinical research trials of generic asthma inhalers designed to replace those co$tly ones you’re taking now.  You may receive medication at no cost, and compensation for time and travel! Give us a call! See more information at
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Asthma Triggers: From Red Tide to Cold Air

Asthma Triggers: From Red Tide to Cold Air
The lungs of asthma patients are very sensitive to the air we breathe.  While Red Tide annoys all of us, asthmatics are prone to bronchospasm and cough when exposed to the aerosolized toxin, an all to present occurrence in 2018 along coastal Florida .  We now head into cooler weather, yet another trigger for the ‘twitchy’ airways of people with asthma.  Many of our asthma patients need to increase their maintenance medications during the winter months.  Knowing what triggers your asthma is key to staying healthy.
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