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Innovative Food Allergy Treatment

Immunotherapy is a gradual process of desensitizing patients to food allergens over a period of months to years. The food can be delivered orally (OIT) or under the tongue (sublingual, SLIT). Both forms of treatment have been carefully studied since early in the 21st century and our clinic has played a leading role in the process. Our contributions include being part of clinical trials of oral and skin patch therapy, publishing results of our own patient data, lecturing at national meetings and sharing our personally designed treatment protocols with university hospitals and allergists around the world.

Our Expert Physicians Are Leaders in the Treatment of Food Allergy

Windom Allergy opened the Food Allergy Center of Florida in 2012 as the first Oral Immunotherapy clinic in the state. With food allergies on the rise, and disproportionately affecting children yet impacting the entire family, our goal is to prevent food allergy at the earliest stages of life. The treatments we offer can safely and effectively restore normal eating habits for our patients, bringing hope to people with severe food allergy. No longer will every meal bring the anxiety of a potential anaphylactic reaction.

Pioneers in the newest and greatest food treatment: SLIT

In the early 2020’s we began to realize that food OIT can be difficult for some of our ‘older’ patients (double digit ages) and the most highly allergic. We carefully reviewed the medical literature on sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) and were so impressed that we began offering it. Unlike the research trials that used expensive skin test allergens that were never designed for human consumption, we chose real food, just like in OIT. The SLIT process is so quick and easy, we now offer it to all our food patients capable of holding a small volume of liquid food under their tongue for 2 minutes (typically 3 years old and up).

We have been treating food allergy patients throughout Florida and beyond since 2012