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Are You Ready For Fall Allergies?


At Windom Allergy we have signed countless medication school forms for the new school year and we're happy to help. But now that the 2021 Fall session has started, what else can we do to help Sarasota families? Here are some pro-tips to have a healthy rest of the year.

Clean your nose daily with saline! (Our poor medical students that often shadow us in the office probably think Allergists are like broken records, but it works!) We know that cleaning your nose decreases allergen exposure and can prevent allergic symptoms. But it may surprise some folks that this is the same idea with viruses. What saline does an allergist personally use? Any kind that I can stick to daily. I like Neilmed sinus rinse best, and Xlear or Simply Saline mist for entry level.

Get your allergies and asthma under great control. Not good, but great! Here is a well-known secret to most Allergists, nasal steroids are the best bang for your buck in controlling allergies. We are trained and feel very comfortable managing nasal steroids and other nasal medications. Yet, I would rather work on allergy avoidance measures AND treat the target organ like your nose or lungs versus using an oral medication that affects your whole body. What nasal steroid is in my kids’ medicine cabinet? Rhinocort or generic budesonide.

Don’t panic if you get sick with viral symptoms such as fever or cough. Take a deep breath. Call us, we will guide you through the next steps on how to get better quickly no matter what your age.

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