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Tired of Itchy Skin?

Calling all skin folks with hives, eczema, and plain ole’ itchy skin: Sarasota Clinical Research is participating in national pharmaceutical trials with new medications for these conditions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find something to get your young skin back? Found out more here -> Or give us a call TODAY!
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What are chronic hives?

By definition hives that continue to recur for greater than six weeks are considered chronic.  Rarely is an identifiable etiology for the hives discovered.  Because of the remote possibility of an underlying pathologic process, such as infection, abnormal thyroid gland function, malignancy or rheumatoid arthritis, a review of your health history and limited blood testing directed toward these entities is routine practice.  Fortunately, most cases (~ 75%) resolve within one year.  Therapy is symptomatic, aiming to reduce itching while the hives run their course. How can hives be treated? Avoidance of the foods, drugs, or other provoking factors is recommended whenever...
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