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Staff Spotlight: Patti Thompson

Patti is one of our Back Office Nurses at Windom Allergy.Hi I'm Patti, My parents and I moved from Dayton, Ohio to sunny Florida when I was 14 -- after graduating from Riverview High School - GO RAMS! I attended SCTI for the Medical Assistant Program which led me to the wonderful career of Allergy. I have been in the Allergy profession for over 40 years. So I have probably helped many of you along the way. I married my best friend Ted and we have 3 great grown kids. When our kids were growing up we had unforgettable adventures in our...
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What’s in the air?

What’s in the air?
People always ask, “my nose is running and I’m sneezing, what’s in the air?” The answer depends on where you live. Up north, the middle of August is the start of ragweed season, lasting until the first frost in the fall. Down here, we have ragweed as well, just not the high seasonal peak, but also other weeds, grasses, and the ever-present mold spores. And without a frost, we have most of these pollens year-round. Our only true seasonal allergen in Florida is tree pollen, mainly oak tree, that has an intense pollination period from February to April. Keep in mind,...
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