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Nasal Polyps

The cause of nasal polyps is unknown. Various theories have been discussed, including allergy, infection, nerve pathway imbalance, enzyme abnormality, drug sensitivity and mechanical obstruction. Fortunately, most people with hay fever (allergic rhinitis) do not have polyps (<2%). Asthma has long been known to be associated with nasal polyps. Studies show that anywhere from 15%-30% of patients with polyps will also have asthma. An even greater association with asthma is found in those individuals who also are allergic to aspirin (hives or asthma following aspirin or ibuprofen-like drug). These patients with asthma and aspirin sensitivity have a 50% chance of having...
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Chronic Sinus Infections

A chronic sinus infection can be much  subtle and linger for months. Signs of chronic sinusitis can include one or more of the following symptoms: stuffy nose, intermittent yellow or green nasal drainage (maybe only seen in the shower), occasional sinus area pressure or headache, bad breath, decreased sense of taste and smell, earaches, fatigue, and coughing, especially with lying down. Allowing the sinuses to drain properly is the first step in curing sinusitis. Americans purchase more than $1.5 billion worth of over-the-counter sinus medications each year, but these remedies don't work for everyone. Drug treatment involves a combination of nasal saline...
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What to do about an Acute Sinus Infection

Symptoms of an acute sinus infection are pretty obvious, fever, severe sinus area pain, teeth pain, and yellow or green post-nasal drainage. Sinus problems are one of the leading causes of visits to the doctor, accounting for over 16 million doctor visits annually. Living with one sinus infection after another can be miserable, interfering with both work and life at home. For difficult cases of sinusitis, antibiotic treatment and careful follow-up by your doctor may be necessary. The simple 10-day course of antibiotics is fine for an acute sinusitis, an infection having begun only a few days earlier. A chronic sinusitis,...
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