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Here at Windom Allergy you or your child can choose the treatment course that is just right for you. We offer sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), traditional oral immunotherapy (OIT), a modified OIT protocol (the Sarasota protocol), and personalized (P-OIT). Each treatment course has distinct features of visit frequency, safety, cost and taste. We will tailor your treatment course especially for you and, if best laid plans don't work out, we can always transition you to a different form of treatment.


Administering allergens under the tongue, or sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) only requires a fraction of the dose administered orally. By virtue of such a low, effective dose, adverse reactions are rare. We offer food SLIT in patients over 2 years old. There are 4 visits, 1-2 weeks apart with a typical time course of ~1 month. Unlike OIT, there is no rest period before or after dosing with SLIT. We tested a dozen patients on an exercise bike with dosing immediately after exercise, followed by more exercise post-dose: they all did great!

The average cost is ~$1000-$3,000 depending on your deductible and copay.

For out of state and International patients, food SLIT can be done remotely.  Learn more about this convenient option here.


"Under the Tongue"


We have been offering oral immunotherapy (OIT) by the traditional protocol since 2012. Patients come to the office every 1-2 weeks for a gradually increasing amount of food, then repeat that dose daily at home until the next updose.  Following each dose there is a two-hour rest period. The typical time course is 6-8 months to your top dose. Average cost ~$4,000 (not covered by insurance). NO LONGER RECOMMENDED



Sarasota Protocol

In an effort to make OIT less burdensome and more affordable we developed the Sarasota Protocol. This consists of 7-8 monthly visits with two doses 30 minutes apart in the office. You will dose daily at home followed by the same two hour rest period as above. The typical time course is 7-8 months. Cost ~$2000-3,000 depending on your deductible and copay.


"Sarasota Protocol"


This is our least costly and newest approach to food OIT. In order to tailor treatment specifically for you, i.e. Personalized OIT, we require an initial oral food challenge (OFC). You will begin OIT the very next day, taking a dose 10-times lower than the amount that triggered your OFC reaction. You will continue this dose daily at home for a month, then return to the office for one updose visit to reach your maintenance dose. Cost – two office visit charges.


"Personalized OIT"

Options, options, options

All treatment options require daily dosing at home between visits and ongoing maintenance dosing at the completion of the build-up phase. Dosing continues indefinitely to maintain desensitization. Allergy testing will be done annually to track your declining sensitivity to the food. Each year we aim to slowly reduce your dosing frequency from daily to a few times a week and even less for those that start at a young age.


Over 800 people have undergone one form of desensitization or another at Windom Allergy. What are you waiting for?

Top dose?

We still don't know the best dose for OIT or SLIT.  Historically, in OIT we aimed for the maintenance doses displayed below.  We are learning that lower doses may work as well, without as much taste aversion and adverse reactions.  The Sarasota protocol now tops out between 300 mg of food protein (eg. 1 large peanut) to 1,000 mg (eg. 1 oz of milk).  The P-OIT strategy sets a top dose based on how allergic you are as determined by an oral food challenge.

1/2 egg or 1 tbsp egg white liquid

2-3 peanuts

2-3 oz milk

1-6 tree nuts
1/3 bagel
5 gm sesame seeds