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Windom Allergy, Asthma, Sinus

Coronavirus vs. Allergies 


Your nose is running, you feel tired, and you’re checking your temperature every hour wondering if you caught coronavirus. We have all been there, even your doctors. And here is a secret, sometimes even we have a tough time in the first day or two telling whether the patient has a cold virus or allergies. 

Here are a few key differences between infections and allergies:

  • Fever- is a sign of infection (>100.4 F) and definitely not allergies
  • Swollen lymph nodes- in the neck, are common with respiratory infections, and rarely with allergies
  • Nasal secretions- Sometimes pus during an infection can be green or yellowish. Allergies cause clear and watery mucus
  • Itching- of the eyes and nose are usually allergies. Rarely does this occur with infections
  • Throat symptoms-are usually described as burning or itching with allergies. Severe pain or difficulty swallowing usually signals infection

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