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Windom Allergy, Asthma, Sinus

“June Highlights at Windom Allergy”


Our doctors organized and lectured at the 5th Annual Food Allergy Support Team (FAST) meeting held in Dallas, TX June 17-8, 2022. The meeting, for doctors in the US and Canada, offers the most cutting-edge information on treatment for food allergy. Our experiences at Windom Allergy were shared with the attendees and we picked up a few tips from other physicians. You may find the FAST website of

New and Exciting!

Allergy desensitization has taken many forms over the decades – subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT, or allergy shots) for environmental allergy, oral and intravenous desensitization for drug allergy, and oral immunotherapy (OIT) for food allergy. Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is a novel way to ‘turn off’ allergy by administering small amounts of liquid allergen under the tongue, hold it for two minutes, and then swallow. That’s it. You do it every day, at home. Easy and safe.

SLIT is used in Europe more than allergy shots for airborne allergies. Here in the US, it is used occasionally for dust mite allergy and we use it for our miserable spring folks suffering from oak tree allergy. The NEWS to announce is that we are now doing food SLIT for our food allergy patients, as an option to OIT. Ten years ago we didn’t have any treatment for food allergy, now we have two highly successful ways to slowly introduce food to you or your child to allow them to safely eat it. So, what will it be, OIT or SLIT? We’re here to help you decide what’s best for your family.

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