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Halloween Food Allergy Safety Tips

Halloween Food Allergy Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner! For all of our ghouls and goblins living with food allergy and/or receiving oral immunotherapy (OIT), we’ve conjured up a few tips for a safe and enjoyable Halloween:

  • For those receiving food OIT, please be mindful of the 2-hour rest period after your dose and avoid dosing after 8 PM. If this is not possible, it is fine to skip your dose that day and resume normal dosing the following day.
  • Don’t let your food-allergic child trick-or-treat alone, and always make sure they carry their autoinjectable epinephrine with them.
  • Verify that adults or friends with your child understand his or her food allergies and what to do in an emergency.
  • Be cautious of “fun size” candy, which may contain different ingredients than regular size packages
  • Politely say no to food that may not be safe, especially homemade items such as cookies and cupcakes.


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