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“Doc, why am I coughing???”

“Doc, why am I coughing???”

Chronic cough is one of the most common, and for patients annoying, issues we at Windom Allergy treat. A chronic cough can be debilitating if it interferes with sleep and, especially during COVID times, make patients feel isolated or afraid to go out into public if they are constantly viewed as being sick. The big question always is, “where is my cough coming from and why can’t I stop?”

                The two main areas cough can arise from are the lungs and from the throat. Often, it is very difficult for patients to know where the cough is coming from since the throat is in such close proximity to the chest. Here are a couple of hints we as doctors use to tell where your cough is coming from:

  • Chest cough: wakes people up at night, usually associated with chest tightness and wheezing, albuterol/rescue inhalers make patients feel significantly better.
    • acutely this can be seen with viral bronchitis, red tide, or just a cold that has gone to the chest
    • chronically this can be seen with asthma, COPD, or post-viral bronchitis (a chest cold that lingers for many months)
  • Throat cough: often starts as a “tickle” in the throat and sets off “coughing fits” that are difficult to stop, usually does not wake the patient from sleep, inhalers do not stop the cough, usually better with drinking water or a cough drop. This can be due to chronic throat irritation from:
    • post-nasal drip
    • significant acid reflux
    • just the throat being hypersensitive to normal exposures: cold drinks, talking too much, temperature changes, etc.

We at Windom Allergy can help you by deducing where your cough is coming from and help you adequately treat it. Call and schedule an appointment with us today!

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