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Common Misconceptions of Peanut Allergy and Air Travel

Common Misconceptions of Peanut Allergy and Air Travel

Are you nervous about traveling with a food allergy? Be prepared and get educated!

Common Misconceptions:

  • There is a risk of inhaling peanut on an airplane and reacting to it. Studies have shown that peanut does not circulate in the air and this is not a likely route of exposure. Peanut dust on unwashed surfaces that becomes inadvertently ingested, or false presumption that a food is safe that actually contains peanuts are the 2 most likely sources of potential peanut exposure in flight
  • Only nut-free flights are safe. Use a commercial wipe to clean the seating area, in particular the tray well
  • Once the airline has been contacted about the food allergen, the food is safe to consume. It is recommended that food allergic individuals do not consume airline-provided food, and bring their own source
  • Airlines do not carry epinephrine. Passengers should travel with their own supply of self-injectable epinephrine, which is readily accessible in flight. Although airlines do carry epinephrine in their on-board medical kit, this may require an on-board medical provider or contact with ground-based providers to access, which may result in delay

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