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Windom Allergy, Asthma, Sinus

Allergies vs. COVID?


Does every sneeze, cough, throat tickle, and runny nose send a chill down your spine and have you running for your thermometer? You’re definitely not alone seeing as this is one of our worst oak pollen seasons ever. That’s where the Windom Allergy Family has your back. With our awesome Telehealth visits, we can help ease your allergy vs. COVID fears from the comfort of your own home. Now easier than ever! We send a text message to your phone with a link to start your visit, as soon as you click it you are connected to one of our awesome doctors. And again, the Telehealth visits all go through your insurance, just like a regular in office visit. 

In these trying times, Windom Allergy is still here for you. Be safe and allergy free!

COVID: Face Masks