We are VERY excited to introduce a new, amazing physician to our Windom Allergy family, Dr. Tara Saco.  Dr. Saco is finishing her Allergy/Immunology fellowship at the University of South Florida (USF), where she has been under the watchful eyes of Drs. Windom, Fergeson and Ly for the past two years in their role as clinical faculty.  Like Duke’s Zion Williamson or a Heisman Trophy winner, everyone knew Dr. Saco would be a top pick coming out of USF.  We’re thrilled we got her.

Besides being an overall brilliant physician, Dr. Saco has a unique interest in mast cell disease.  She welcomes patients with mastocytosis or suspected mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) to come see her here in Sarasota when she opens her practice on July 2nd

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