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OIT is Old Science

OIT is Old Science

One of the best parts about preparing for my OIT presentation at the University of South Florida was learning about the history of OIT. I hope you are as amazed as I was at this timeline. – Dr. Ly

  • 500 AD- the ancient Babylonian Talmud has instructions for treating egg sensitivity with egg white.
  • 1905- Finkelstein conceptualizes OIT – He successfully desensitizes nurslings with “milk idiosyncrasy” by gradually administering increasing drops of milk.
  • 1908- Schofield treats a 13-year-old patient with egg allergy over an 8-month period by incrementally increasing small amounts of raw egg disguised in pill form.
  • 1911- Noon & Freeman start Allergy shots to grass pollen.
  • 9 OIT reports in total from 1905- 1940

Food OIT started BEFORE allergy shots, and there were several research articles on OIT before World War II ended!

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