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Nasal Steroids May Help With COVID

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Hot off the internet press, Cleveland Clinic just published their results that nasal steroids, like over-the-counter Flonase and Rhinocort, may impact COVID-19 related outcomes in a good way.

Cleveland Clinic reviewed 72,147 patients positive for COVID. They compared patients who were on nasal steroids before getting COVID to those not on them.

They looked at who got hospitalized, admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), or died in hospital. Compared with nonusers, nasal steroid users had a lower risk for hospitalization (decrease by 22%), ICU admission (decreased by 23%), and in-hospital mortality (decreased by 24%).

As with any new research, more trials are needed to confirm these results, but, nasal steroids are inexpensive and safe medications that are nice to add to our arsenal against COVID. At Windom Allergy, we feel comfortable with managing nasal steroids and other nasal medications and will get you feeling better quickly.

Intranasal Corticosteroids Are Associated with Better Outcomes in Coronavirus Disease 2019

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