Trusted Mast Cell Related Resources

The most informative and scientifically accurate online resource for mast cell conditions is made available by:

The Mast Cell Disease Society:

This website has all of the most up to date, evidence-based information that we have regarding mast cell conditions at this time. It has excellent patient and physician resources, including webinars, information on lab tests and procedures, and a list of support communities online.

We at the Mast Cell Center of Florida DO NOT recommend reviewing articles and resources that are not validated through this website. Unfortunately, there are numerous myths and misinformation circulated about mast cell conditions on the internet that may  distract from valid treatment options, delay care, prevent you from receiving preventative care (i.e. vaccines, etc.), or cause harm. Please feel free to discuss anything you may come across in your research for the betterment of your health, but again we highly recommend sticking to the above website.

Medication Resources

Obtaining medications for mast cell related issues can be very difficult and sometimes expensive. Our office can help to a certain extent, but when it comes to compounded mediations a lot of the communication will have to be between you and the compounding pharmacy. Below are some tips and tricks on how to get the medications you need at the lowest cost to you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE IS GOODRX!!! Make sure to check this website for coupons and to price shop, never be afraid to ask your pharmacist to apply the coupon for you.

  1. Epinephrine autoinjectors
    1. As we all know, epi-pens can be extremely expensive if not covered by your insurance. The expiration dates can also cause anxiety and an extra expense.
    2. Technically, epinephrine is good for 6 years past the expiration date, HOWEVER, it is not at 100% efficacy (more like 75%) after an extended period of time. Some epinephrine is better than no epinephrine and is not harmful to you, so while it is good to have an up to date epinephrine autoinjector, never be afraid to use an expired one. HOWEVER, you should be ready to find more epinephrine if your symptoms are not fully improved after injecting yourself (i.e. go to the ER).
    3. It is always important to discuss with your pharmacy which form of epinephrine autoinjector is the most cost effective for you and to ask for resources on how to use it. We will always go over the basics with the two most common ones (EpiPen and Auvi-Q) in our office, and we will do our best to choose one that is covered by your insurance. 
    4. Usually at your appointment, we will send a script to your pharmacy for an epinephrine autoinjector. We will also send a script for Auvi-Q (an autoinjector that gives verbal use instructions) to ASPN Pharmacies to see if it is covered. If it is, it is often $25. Never fill your autoinjector until you hear from ASPN to see if this is the cheapest option for you, always price compare.
  2. Compounded medications (i.e. ketotifen, cromolyn)
    1. Any question regarding preservatives, compounding practices, cost, etc. will have to be directed to the compounding pharmacy itself. Our office is happy to help send a script wherever necessary, but all compounding related questions will have to be answered by the compounding pharmacy.
    2. Sun Discount Pharmacy ( ) right next to our office compounds medications. They are able to ship medications to you as well if you do not live in the area.
    3. Please research compounding pharmacies in your area to see which one you feel comfortable using prior to your initial appointment, especially if you are not from the Sarasota area. 
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