Initial Appointment

Initial Appointment Scheduling Policies

In order to utilize the time during your initial appointment in the best and most efficient manner, we request any and all lab tests and records from other physicians relating to your current symptoms be faxed to our office PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT. Once your records have been reviewed, you will be called to have an appointment scheduled. There will be no exceptions to this rule. 

When you call to request an initial appointment, you will be sent a checklist to fill out. It will include questions asking if you have had certain lab tests done and if you have seen certain physicians. It will then ask for information on how to obtain those results. You will also have to fill out a timeline of your symptoms. PLEASE DO NOT TYPE “IN SEE OUTSIDE RECORDS” IN YOUR SYMPTOM TIMELINE AS THIS WILL SLOW THE PROCESS OF YOUR APPOINTMENT BEING SCHEDULED (you may even be resent the form and asked to fill it out again). 

Also, if you are unsure if you have had a tryptase level drawn, please DO NOT click “Yes” that you have had one drawn until you confirm it with your doctor. Since this is the most important lab to have prior to your initial visit (unless you have not had one drawn), this will further delay scheduling your appointment by us trying to obtain a non-existant result from your doctors. Please DO NOT answer “No” if you have in fact had a tryptase drawn in order to have a sooner appointment scheduled. This will not be tolerated as it inhibits our doctors from giving you the best initial assessment possible and takes away more time from treating you in attempts to obtain these results after the initial visit.

You may have to wait a few weeks to have your appointment scheduled since our physicians must go through not only your records but other patient’s records who are waiting to be scheduled. Based on the information we receive, additional records may be requested prior to you being able to schedule an appointment. While this may seem frustrating, please keep in mind that other mast cell centers in other states have wait times up to a year to have an appointment scheduled. They have similar, if not stricter, policies regarding labs and outside records. Again, NO EXCEPTIONS be made to the above policy. We appreciate your patience as this will ultimately lead to a more fruitful initial appointment and will help to avoid repeated lab tests and procedures.

Goals and Expectations for Evaluation and Treatment

We at Windom Allergy understand that having chronic, unexplained symptoms and not feeling as though you are getting answers about your health can be frustrating and debilitating. However, mislabeling patients with incorrect diagnoses just to provide answers can be ineffective and in some cases dangerous if other more serious conditions are missed.

The goal of the Mast Cell Center of Florida is NOT to diagnose you with a mast cell condition initially. Rather, it is to attempt to prove that you do NOT have one. Only when all other more common (and sometimes more serious) conditions that MCAS/Systemic Mastocytosis can mimic are ruled out, you significantly respond to therapy, and no other explanation for your symptoms can be reasonably found, will a clinical diagnosis of MCAS be considered.

Also, if you are diagnosed with a mast cell condition at our office, we will never doubt the symptoms you are experiencing. However, in order to be the best physicians possible, we will constantly question whether or not the current symptoms you are experiencing are solely due to MCAS. Just because you have a diagnosis of MCAS does not mean you cannot later develop a thyroid condition, diabetes, asthma, cancer, etc.

The reasoning for this is multifaceted: a diagnosis of MCAS can lead to “tunnel vision,” where any and all symptoms you experience are attributed to your MCAS by non-Allergists (or even other Allergists). If you feel as though other doctors are attributing new symptoms to your MCAS and not fully working up your issues, please encourage them to call our office to speak with one of our physicians.

An inappropriate diagnosis of MCAS can lead to difficulty obtaining life insurance (as can several other pre-existing conditions). Thus, this diagnosis should not be applied lightly. 

Other physicians (surgeons, ER doctors, etc.) are often afraid to do surgery or give pain medications to patients with an MCAS/Systemic Mastocytosis diagnosis. We are always happy to discuss these concerns with your doctors and provide them with resources on how to best treat you.  This scenario highlights how an inappropriate mast cell related diagnosis can lead to delayed or subpar health care.

Ultimately, your health and safety are our main goal. Please keep that in mind during your patient-physician interactions. We will do the utmost to help you and we appreciate your patience. 

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