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Recent advancements in the field of food allergy treatment have brought patients relief through Oral Immunotherapy (OIT). Prior to OIT, the only solutions for food allergy patients were allergen avoidance and carrying an epinephrine device at all times.

OIT is a process of desensitizing patients to food allergens, starting by ingesting a tiny amount of food then increasing the amount every 1-2 weeks until a full serving is able to be consumed. The entire OIT process can be completed in 4-6 months. To maintain a desensitized state, patients will continue to eat certain foods daily for an indefinite period of time. After several years, most patients only need to eat the food a few days a week, and some patients completely lose their food allergy.

You do not have to live in fear or anxiety over food allergies any longer. Relief is available. Call 941-927-4888 to schedule an appointment today.

We have been delivering OIT to patients throughout Florida and beyond since 2012

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